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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Max Standley

Visionary artist, Max Standley, was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1942. He is an artist to the core of his being: for almost forty years his prodigious talent has allowed him to live and breathe art. He lives reclusively with his wife on a secluded 40 acres, deep in the forests of Arkansas. This lifestyle gives him the freedom to immerse himself in his oil painting, engraving, poetry and drawing—the result is intimate works that vibrate with intensity. Standley’s work begins in the realm of realism, and develops with hints of biomorphic and magical imagery, showing a depth that continues to surprise, delight and move us.

“My work is a part I play in nature's drama and is a form of self development,” says Standley. “Archetypical symbolism is an integral part of the process.” Standley feels that the symbols speak to others on a conscious and unconscious level, allowing them to connect to his very unique vision of the world.



Editor DryCreek Every so, Press said...

I live in Newton County where Max lived and worked and I knew him long ago! Sadly Max's last painting went unfinished. He will be sadly missed! His work was nothing short of inspirational! He passed away at his home in Parthenon on September 3.

artodyssey said...

OH ! I didn't know. I'm so sorry !
When an artist dies the world becomes poorer ....

RIP Max !


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